We’re back! May book! Taleathon!

Okay, so we are  co-reading again! Yay! We’re stating up in May, and we’re reading a Norwegian book, The song of the Red Ruby by Agnar Mykle! You might find a used copy of the English translation somewhere… So I’m not going to talk about it at length, we’re reading it because it got banned, there was a trial and the decision was overturned, but this cemented the book in Norwegian history, so we thought it would be fun to read.

Plus it’s one of the few books that have been banned or challenged in our country, and certainly the most recent, so we can tick it off our Read Harder challenges!

The first weekend of May (5-7) we’re bringing back Taleathon! We’ll be back with a post about that later. I just wanted to pop in and resurrect this old carcass. Just kidding, I’m avoiding writing my essay on the idea of novels and how it changed between romanticism and modernism, I can only write 2250 words. Send help!


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