Kristine’s TBR #11

I have about five million books I want to read, right now. So I’m reading none of them. I evaded the issue for a while, by finishing the books I was currently reading,  but now there’s really only one book left on that list that counts and I have to check it out of the library and it’s not happening right now. We took a trip to the mountains and I had only my ereader with me, so then I only had five (unread) books to choose from so that was easy too. Now I’m home, I’ve finished the ebook and the book that was waiting for me in the post (The Wander Society by Keri Smith) and I’m about to start our monthly book choice Out by Natsuo Kirino. I know it sound like I’m doing alright with my reading, but after this? I have no idea.

I’ve been putting off Out for a bit because I wanted to read it near the end of the month, and instead of reading I’ve been thinking about all the books I want to read or should read, looking for new books to put on my TBR and into the subcategories there (contemporary SFF, books about walking etc). Five minutes ago I finished Wicked as they Come (that links to my review) and now I feel a bit fatigued. I know which book is next, but after that? The choices! There’s too much so I’m avoiding making a decision. This has been going on for a while.

I don’t know if anyone remembers, but I used to do a monthly TBR thing, where I tried to par down my literal piles of unread books. I did about 10 posts on the matter and did OK until I went to used book sale and came home with 20-some books. Now there are more even though I barely buy books anymore.


Yeah, those are my two piles turned into three rather large ones. Since I am also doing the Mt. TBR challenge I thought starting this up again might be a way to keep me accountable (because clearly, I need it). I’ll be throwing out some of those books because it is becoming apparent that I won’t be reading them, but that’s only a few.


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